NARHC Winter Newsletter

Just in case you missed this from last week. Almost all of the preventive services are now payable at the RHC all inclusive rate and not incident to as was CMS's position in 2014. This is great news for RHCs that provide preventive services.

For example the G0447 code for Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity can generate up to approximately 21 to 22 visits per year and at $80 per visit that is around $1,700 per year in additional revenue per Medicare patient that qualifies. Provider-based RHCs with rates of $160 or so could see revenue in the $3,500 range and there is no co-pay or deductible for the patient. 

Bill Finerfrock, Executive Director of the NARHC wrote this article about the change in the Winter NARHC newsletter. (Remember ): 

Preventative Services RHC Payment Policy (Updated & Clarified by CMS) by Bill Finerfrock

The Winter issue of the NARHC newsletter had a lot of useful information in it, so why not share it all with you? The articles below provide a wealth of new information. 

Mental Health Care: Not There Yet by Elsie Crawford

To find out more about integrating mental health into RHCs visit Rural Behavioral Health.

Revised 855R Application by Aaron Fischbach

RHC Cost Report Changes for 2015 by Mark Lynn

Billing Services Without a Face-to-Face Visit by Janet Lytton

ICD-10 Deadlines & Transitions

RHC New Year's Resolutions by J.E. Estes

Letter from the NARHC President: Challenges and Opportunities by John Gill, PA-C

PQRS Penalties by Bill Finerfrock

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