Good Riddance to IACS, Hello EIDM

We received a message from our Cost Report software vendor ( on Friday. CMS posted the following to their website regarding a switch from IACS to EIDM (Enterprise Identity Management System) which is to take effect February 7, 2015.  The important thing to know is that no new registrations or profile changes can take place in IACS after 5:00 PM on January 30, 2015.  

PLEASE READ and take appropriate action...

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2015 PQRS Update

Last week I wrote an email to CMS regarding their position on rural health clinics expressed at the Rural Open Door Session and they were gracious enough to respond with some valuable explanations regarding PQRS and rural health clinics. While I am sure I was not the only one inquiring, it is certainly nice and I so appreciate the prompt response by the officials at CMS regarding this matter.  Here are the links to the information provided in re 2015 PQRS Payment Adjustment and Providers Who Render Services at RHCs/FQHCs:

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