Cost Report Contingency Reviews

HBS will review previously filed cost reports to determine if your cost report has been accurately completed.  If HBS can recoup money from Medicare or Medicaid, we receive a percentage of the money recovered.  If we find nothing; there is no charge and you receive a free benchmarking report comparing your clinic to other clinics in our database. 

If your rural health clinic is not above the Medicare reimbursement maximum of $77.76 for 2010; then, you should consider having us prepare your cost report. Last year 100% of our clients were at or above the reimbursement cap and the cost reports were filed conservatively as we did not have a single cost adjustment in our cost reports. Our recent refilings and contingency work has indicated that a number of clinics are not getting the maximum reimbursement rates and it is not due to low costs. It is due to incorrectly prepared cost reports.

We have been working with Medicare and Medicaid cost reports since 1981 or 29 years of experience. That experience has proven results. HBS has recovered over $500,000 in lost Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement by re-filing Medicare and Medicaid cost reports. We can look at the previous year's cost reports on a contingency basis and if we will only be paid if we find something. The fee is 25% of the Medicare increased reimbursement when it is credited to your account. If you are below the cap it just makes sense to have your cost report reviewed.

Even if we do not find increased reimbursement; we will send you a free benchmarking report comparing how your clinic compares to other clinics in physician compensation, charges per Medicare visit, reimbursement per Medicare visit, physician visits, NP visits, PA visits, Flu shot reimbursement, pneumococcal reimbursement, and other key operating variables of a rural health clinic.