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        Update on Appendix G from Kentucky RHC Summit

        Appendix G - Review by HBS - Issues with the new Guidance

HBS UPDATE NEWSLETTER - September 21, 2017

Click on the link above titled HBS Update Newsletter - September 21, 2017 for latest newsletter regarding RHCs including information on Palmetto replacing Cahaba as the MAC for many RHCs, the RHC Surveyor Training Course, the Emergency Preparedness Training Course by CMS, and our RHC Update Seminars this Fall.


Newsletter - September 11, 2017

Click on the above Newsletter for information on Palmetto replacing Cahaba, Physician Compensation regulations for RHCs, Emergency Preparedness Information for RHCs, and information about the RHC Billing and Emergency Preparedness Webinars this Fall

About twice a month we prepare a newsletter on the latest changes to RHCs which includes information on webinars, seminars, billing, cost reporting, annual evaluations, certification of RHCs. Here is a listing of our most recent newsletters with links. If you would like news and updates, you can sign up for our RHC email newsletter here.

September 3, 2016 Newsletter  https://www.dropbox.com/s/o7td2y6f4utbe1w/2016%20HBS%20Update%20September%203%2C%202016.pdf?dl=0

March 3, 2016 Newsletter:  http://conta.cc/1RKhkmL

February 24, 2016 Newsletter: http://conta.cc/1RmZEgV

February 14, 2016 Newsletter:  http://conta.cc/1TfAB19

February 4, 2016 Newsletter: http://conta.cc/1SJafEq

January 14, 2016 Newsletter:  http://conta.cc/1Zvp0jZ