RHC Cost Reporting

RHC Cost Reporting Brochure


RHC Cost Reporting for 2017

Healthcare Business Specialists prepares 150 Medicare Cost Reports every year for Independent RHCs in addition to performing numerous RHC startups, annual evaluations, and other services exclusively to Rural Health Clinics. We have over 35 years of healthcare experience and as we start our 30 season of preparing RHC cost reports, we wanted to provide the checklist of information that we need to complete the RHC Cost Report. We will not be mailing the RHC Cost Report Notebooks this year as many of you have 10 or more on your bookshelf. If you are new to the RHC program or request one, we will send your a Notebook. These Notebooks are only for RHC cost report clients and a part of the exclusive benefits of having Healthcare Business Specialists prepare your cost reports including two (2) complementary slots at our seminars each year. (up to a $1,000 value as we conduct seminars in Spring and Fall like this year. Thank you for everyone that has returned your agreements for this year and your retainers. We appreciate that very much and look forward to receiving your information.  Here is the link to this year's cost report checklist:



Help in getting your P S and R


To assist your cost report preparation, the Provider Statistical and Reimbursement (PS&R) summary report can be obtained from the CMS website: https://psr-ui.cms.hhs.gov/psr-ui.

 It is your responsibility to obtain the reports directly from the PS&R system. In an effort to ensure all providers have signed up for the PS&R system successfully, we are requiring an EIDM helpdesk ticket in order to process PS&R requests for FYEs 2009 and after. If you have not signed up for an EIDM account, please visit the following link for information on obtaining access:


You must complete the registration process in order to pull your own PS&R going forward. Also, please ensure you log into the PS&R system every 60 days so you can change your password and keep the account active.